BEC高级真题短语解析:”going off at tangents”

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Go off at tangents

Going off at tangents / on a tangent:to pursue a somewhat related or irrelevant course while neglecting the main subject or to suddenly start talking or thinking about a completely new subject (不着调、不切题、突然转向)

例句:We’ve got some highly specialised staff now and we’re coming up with some innovative products, but it’s taking too long. They’re doubling up on things or going off at tangents – some sort of group training should sort it out. { 例句出处:《剑桥BEC高级真题集第五辑:P150》}

翻译:我们现拥有一批专业的员工,而且设想出了一些创新的产品,但是花费了很久。他们要么花双倍力气,要么就是突然改变方向 – 开展一些团队培训应该能够解决这个问题。

注:doubling up on sth–To do or use twice as much of something as usual.  E.G.  I didn’t go to the gym yesterday, so I’m doubling up on my workout today. (我昨天没有去健身房,因此今天我要加倍进行锻炼。)

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