BEC高级真题词汇解析:”bottom line”

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Bottom line

Bottom line: The line in a financial statement that shows net income or loss. Bottom line refers to a company’s net earnings, net income or earnings per share (EPS). (损益表底线、账本盈亏结算线)

例句:Q:What key feature is provided by  A:advice which directly benefits the bottom line.  { 例句出处:《剑桥BEC高级真题集第一辑:P41》}

翻译:问:Indicater.com提供了哪种重要的功能? 答: 他们的建议直接有益于账本盈亏结算线。

注:The term bottom line originally referred to the line at the bottom of a profit and loss account where the total amount of profit or loss was written. (bottom line 这一术语原指损益表中的末行数字,该数字表示盈利总额或亏损总额。){ 出处:牛津英汉双解商务英语词典 }

BEC商务英语扩展词汇:“The Bottom Line”

The bottom line refers to–>A. the most important thing that you have to consider or accept. (底线、基本论点、要点); B. the lowest price that someone will accept. (可接受的最低价格、底价)

E.G. A:The bottom line is that we have to make a decision today. (最关键的是:我们今天必须作出决定。)

E.G. B:Two thousand, take it or leave it, and that’s my bottom line! (两千块,要不要随你了,这是我的底价了!)

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