“get swept up”短语翻译及解析

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Get swept up短语解析

get swept up:在…带动下/受…影响(而随波逐流)

英文释义:When you say you were “swept up” by something, it means that you let yourself go, to experience the moment, and feel the full force of it.

网友解析:To sweep is to use a broom to scrape the floor and push all the dirt to one side. “Swept” is past tense of “to sweep”. The dirt was swept up by the broom, and you were swept by the excitement so you went to dance like all the other people.

get swept up also describes a feeling as being infectious, i.e. You can be swept up in the movie and cry for the main character. Or you can be swept up by the strong emotions of an election, or sporting event, or birth of a cild, etc.

例句:In the end, those that get right to the top retain their ‘people touch’, which can be very difficult as one gets swept up on the fast track of corporate life. —-–例句出处《剑桥BEC真题集第一辑:P58》

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