背景介绍: 本剪辑选自《电脑狂人》第3季第7集,(点击上方图像的播放按钮,可直接观看)。Donna与Cameron为了维持公司日常开销、加快研发速度,俩人拿着企划书四处融资,不曾想接下来要会见的风投公司老板居然是:唐娜女儿刚打过一架的女孩母亲Diane;融资演讲刚进入状态,就被粗暴打断,直接PASS了。以下为该剪辑对白中英文摘录,希望对大家的商务英语学习有所帮助:

Mrs. Clark, Miss Howe. Follow me. 克拉克女士  豪伊小姐 请跟我来

Cameron:Thank you. 谢谢

Receptionist:We’re just going right down there. 朝这边走

Cameron:Thank you. 谢谢

Donna:Okay.  Cameron:Should we sit? – 好了  – 该坐吗

Diane:Hello. 你们好

Donna:Oh, Diane. – 黛安

Diane:Donna, hi.  – 唐娜

Donna:Oh, my god, I feel so stupid.  天啊  我好笨

I had no idea you were the Gould in Amador Gould Gilson. 没想到你就是阿马多·古德·吉尔森的合伙人

Diane:Small world. Smaller valley. 世界真小  这里更小

But this is great. Now we don’t have to waste time exchanging pleasantries or small talk.  太好了  我们不用浪费时间寒暄闲聊了

Except for… 这位是…

Cameron:Yes, Cameron Howe. 卡梅伦·豪伊

Donna:Oh, Diane is a mom at Joanie’s school. 黛安是琼妮同学的妈妈

Cameron:Okay. 好的

Oh, wait, the mom of the girl that Joanie beat up?  等等  是被琼妮打了的那个女孩的妈妈吗

Diane:I heard it was more of a draw. 我听说是个平手

This is Elias Amador. He’ll be joining us. 这位是伊莱亚斯·阿马多  他也来听听

Donna:Hello. 你好

Elias:Full disclosure, I haven’t had time to read this, 说实话  我还没来得及看计划书

but love how you’ve grown Mutiny and can’t wait to hear what you’ve got. 但我欣赏穆特尼的发展,非常期待你们的推介

Donna:I can’t tell you what a nice change this is, 这真是美好的意外之喜

pitching to a familiar face and Elias.  Shall we just…?  能见到熟人,还有伊莱亚斯,我们可以… ?

Diane:Whenever you’re ready. 准备好就可以开始了

Donna:Imagine a place you could go 请想象一个地方

where whatever your passion, whatever you collect or love, 你所有热爱  收集和为之疯狂的东西

it’s available to you at the push of a button. 只需一键就能找到

Cameron:A rare spider-man comic, a bootleg Dylan concert, 稀有的《蜘蛛侠》漫画  盗版的狄伦演唱会

First edition Fitzgerald, 菲茨杰拉德初版小说

even a hard-to-find part for your Apple II, It’s all there. 甚至是难找的苹果二号零件 应有尽有  

Donna:You don’t have to scour the local flea market. 无需走遍当地跳蚤市场

Cameron:On the chance that they might have it, 期望那里可能有你所需

Donna:or hit every garage sale.  或是转遍车库甩卖

Cameron:On the chance that they might have it, 期望那里可能有你所需

Donna:or even leave your home.. 你甚至不用出门

Cameron:Because you’re connecting to people across the country who are all part of… 因为你与全国人民连接在了一起,他们都是…

Diane:Let me stop you right there. 请容我打断你们一下

Everything you’re saying sounds terrific, but just to cut to the chase 你们说的这一切听起来很棒,但我就直说了

you’re shifting your core business from chat to trade, yes? 你们是准备将核心业务从聊天转变成交易吗?

Cameron:No, not shifting. We’re expanding. 不是转变  是扩张

Donna:And it isn’t the first time. We started with games. 这不是第一次了  我们以游戏起家

We noticed that our users were chatting during games, 然后发现玩家会在游戏中聊天

so we moved into chat and our base jumped exponentially. 于是我们开始做聊天室  我们的用户群指数增长

Cameron:And then we noticed that our users were trading during chat, 然后我们发现我们的用户在聊天期间做交易

so we go where the user behavior takes us. 我们是依据用户行为开拓市场的

Donna:It’s our business model and it’s proven to be highly effective. 这是我们经营模式  事实证明是非常高效的

Diane:Right, just to be clear, though, 嗯  我要问清楚

your expansion is predicated on the idea of swapping goods through a BBS? 你们的扩张是基于在论坛上交换物品的点子?

Both Danna & Cameron: Yes. – Yes, exactly. -是的  -没错

Diane:Elias, anything you’d like to ask? 伊莱亚斯  想问什么吗

Elias:I’m good. Thank you. 不用  谢谢

Diane:Okay, thank you for coming in. 好了  多谢你们前来

Donna:Our pleasure. We’ll look forward to… 很荣幸  我们很期待…

Diane:But I’m afraid it’s a pass. 恐怕我们得拒绝了

Donna:I’m sor… I don’t understand. 抱歉…我不懂

Don’t you want to at least look at the numbers? 你们不至少看看我们的数据吗

Diane:No, sorry. 不了  抱歉

Donna:Okay, well, thank you for your time. 好吧  多谢你们抽时间

Cameron:Thank you. 谢谢

Elias:Thank you for coming in. – Yeah. – 谢谢你们前来  – 嗯

Donna:Unbelievable! So much for sisters doing it for themselves… 难以置信!还女性自强呢……

Cameron:Jesus, they say the next best thing to a yes is a quick no. 天呐  人说仅次于同意的就是干净利落的拒绝了

You can’t get much quicker than that. 这也太利落了

Donna:Yeah, well, that was too goddamn quick. 是啊  回绝得也太快了

It’s like she made up her mind when she saw it was me. 就好像她看到是我时就已经决定了

Cameron:No, she didn’t. 不  不是的


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