BEC高级真题词汇解析:”knowledge mapping”

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knowledge mapping:Knowledge mapping externalizes networks of cognitive relationships and renders them in graphic form.(知识图谱、知识映射)

例句:The latter can be high on the list for redundancy because managers are unsure what they do, or because they appear to be weak performers. But a ‘knowledge mapping‘ exercise might reveal that they play a critical role as mentors to the rest of the team. People like this are often not ambitions but they can hold a company together. { 例句出处:《剑桥BEC高级真题集第三辑:P57》}


Knowledge Mapping

知识扩展及补充 扩展知识阅读:”knowledge mapping”的定义及运用:


Knowledge mapping is a methodology for presenting what knowledge resides where(e.g. people, media, organizational units or sources of knowledge outside the organisation) and for demonstrating the patterns of knowledge flow (access, distribution, learning), this pictorial approach to individual or group knowledge assists in the formation and maintenance of shared mental models and streamlines collaboration. Knowledge maps are commonly referred to as mind maps, semantic networks, and concept maps.

When to use

Knowledge mapping is the first step in creating an inventory of knowledge (i.e. the knowledge base) and developing/improving the processes of knowledge sharing. Its principal purpose and clearest benefit is to show people in an organization or within a network/supply chain very fast where to go when they need expertise. It also helps to understand what knowledge is essential or at risk to be lost and thus needs to be reused or “secured”. Based on knowledge maps organizations can go about developing new models for improving knowledge sharing and knowledge flow and the fulfillment of their mission and goals. Knowledge maps can also help in organizing research activities and analyzing the related flow and impact of knowledge. The most common way of presenting a knowledge map is a simple graph with typically 60- 100 nodes representing knowledge repositories/sources and connections representing the flow of knowledge (in a physical or mental sense).
(Source: SDC Learning&Networking)

How to use

  1. In a series of interviews ask people to provide information about the (structure of) knowledge in the concerned domain (what is linked to each other, how)
  2. Let them rate the importance for the company, the difficulty to replace it, whether it is acquired mainly from study or practice and the proportion of staff in the knowledge area who would also know about it.
  3. Plot the results on a knowledge map.
  4. Analyze the knowledge map and integrate the results in a knowledge management strategy, keeping in mind that a knowledge map is a momentary snapshot and might change.

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