BEC高级真题短语解析:”Coax sb into doing sth”

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Coax someone into doing sth

Coax sb/someone into doing sth:to gently persuade someone to do something or not do something(劝诱/利诱某人做某事)

例句:Strong incentives are needed to coax people into divulging their expertise when being dismissed. The price may be an increase in their redundancy package, provision of career counselling, or an agreement to hire them back as consultants. { 例句出处:《剑桥BEC高级真题集第三辑:P56》}


注解:Incentive:Something that encourage people to so sth. (激励、利益驱动);Divulge:To give someone information that should be a secret(泄露、透露); Provision:The act of supplying sb with sth that they need or want. (提供、供给)

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