BEC高级真题短语解析:“keep sb on board”

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BEC高级真题短语解析:“keep sb on board”

Keep sb on board:If you had a team of good workers who worked well together, like the crew of a ship, you would want to keep the team together so would want to keep them all on board.(将某人融入到团队、使某人忠于职守)

例句:Effective leader can keep everyone on board when they want to make innovations. So often these don’t get off the ground because of lack of leadership, because after all, our response to change is significantly affected by how it’s introduced. { 例句出处:《剑桥BEC高级真题集第二辑:P73》}


知识扩展及补充“keep sb on board”相关短语“take sth on board”:

Take sth on board:to understand or accept an idea or a piece of information, if sb say that “ ‘I take on board what you say’ –they mean that they have taken notice of what you said“. (接受某件事情或某种观点)

例句:There seem to have been so many changes already this year… it’s hard to keep up, to keep taking things on board. The CEO’s nothing if not dynamic, that’s for sure!


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