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在线教育BEC中级阅读文章精选:Online Education – Is It Right for You?(在线教育适合你吗?)

Whether you’ve just graduated high school, are currently working a full-time job and looking for ways to increase your personal marketability, or are looking to change careers by building upon your existing education and experience, online education is a cost-effective way to meet your goals without having to worry about some of the time constraints often associated with attending classes at a physical university.

The online university, commonly known as distance education, has changed the face of higher education over the past few years, enabling people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to realize their goal of earning a college degree. And if the rapidly-increasing enrollment is any indicator, online programs will only continue to grow as accredited universities adapt their current curriculum, catering to this newfound market.

What to consider before signing up
The idea behind online education is the same basic idea that you’ll find at the root of almost everything offered online: simplicity. The accommodations and flexibility of online education seem to make it an ideal solution for those looking to further their career.

Is it right for you?
Some students find they’re not able to complete the coursework once they begin. So before you start requesting information, you can save yourself a great deal of time and effort by keeping in mind some key considerations related to your end goal, your personal habits and the time you can afford to dedicate to the process of online learning. These factors boil down to three primary concerns: technology, time and self-motivation.

Most of us have become pretty savvy with using the Internet. After all, you found this article, right? But online courses will often use a number of advanced programs, ranging from the Microsoft Office suite and Adobe products to cloud-based message boards and workrooms that enable students and instructors to collaborate outside a classroom setting.

When considering online education, be honest with yourself about your personal level of tech-competence. Are you someone who can sit down and follow menus and online direction? If so, then the tech side of online learning should pose no problem. But if you have trouble making sense of new programs and have to spend time figuring out how to operate basic functionalities, an online system of learning may actually cost you more than a physical classroom due to the extended amount of time and effort you’re putting in.

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