BEC高级真题词汇解析:”natural wastage”

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Natural Wastage

Natural wastage:a reduction in the number of people who work for an organization that is achieved by not replacing those people who leave. (自然流失:职工退休、退职并末寻找替补而引起的减员过程)

例句:woman:Then we’ll look into that in depth next time. Next, we need more support staff, so sales people can spend more time selling. What do you think? (参考译文:那么下次我们再对这个问题进行深入讨论,接下来的问题是:我们需要更多的后勤支持人员,这样销售员工能够腾出更多的时间,你怎么看?)

Man:Yes, ideally. But we’ll never get an increase in staffing levels though. (参考译文:理想情况是这样。不过,那样的话我们将无法增加人员编制了。)

Woman::You’re right. There’s already a policy of cuts through natural wastage. There’s no point trying to change it. (参考译文:你说的没错,现有的政策已经考虑到克服自然流失的问题,没有必要再作改变了。)

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