BEC高级真题短语解析:”Go by the board”

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Go by the board

Go by the board:to get ruined or lost. (This is originally a nautical expression meaning “to fall or be washed overboard.”–If something that has been planned or arranged goes by the board, it does not happen, and if something that exists goes by the board, it ends. (某件事情被中止、遗忘或舍弃)

例句:A downturn in the economy exposes many companies’ lack of commitment to understanding and using their people’s knowledge. When companies feel they’re in a crisis, it is one of the things that goes by the board. Unless, that is, they’ve made it a routine or suffered because of losing knowledge in the past. { 例句出处:《剑桥BEC高级真题集第三辑:P57》}


出处:Board这个词有很多不同的意思。其中之一是帆船的船舷侧边,所以go by the board当初的意思是把什么从船侧抛到船外去;那就是彻底抛弃这件东西了。久而久之, 人们开始用“go by the board”来泛指彻底抛弃什么了。

Goes by the board

Go by the board:这个词的意思让人联想到被中断学业、父母亲不在身边的留守儿童

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