BEC高级真题短语解析:”Snap sth up”

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 BEC高级真题短语解析:"Snap sth up"

Snap sth up:to buy or get something quickly and enthusiastically because it is cheap or exactly what you want. (爽快将……买下)

例句:Most items in the range, such as the two-way radio for hikers, are sport-focused, even though the products may be adopted as fashion accessories, and the sport shoe customers will probably snap them up. { 例句出处:《剑桥BEC高级真题集第四辑:P80》}


知识扩展及补充扩展阅读:“Snap sth up”相关短语Snap sb up”解析:

Snap sb up:To immediately offer someone a job or position because you want them very much. (马上录取或立即聘用某人)

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