BEC高级真题短语解析:”Make a name for oneself”

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Make a name for oneself

Make a name for oneself:to become famous or well known and respected for doing something in particular.(使功成名就、为众人所知)

例句:The fragrance is the idea of Arfaq Hussain, a 27-year-old clothes designer who first made a name for himself with an air-conditioned jacket he was asked to make by the singer Michael Jackson thus far, Mr Jackson is the only person to have placed an order he wants two. { 例句出处:《剑桥BEC高级真题集第二辑:P26》}

翻译:这种香味的思路来自Arfaq Hussain, 一个27岁的服装设计师,他因为给歌手迈克尔·杰克逊设计空调夹克而迄今为众人所知。杰克逊从来不会再次定购同样的东西,他算是个例外。

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