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表附加:in addition, additionally, and, similarly, likewise(同样的,也), as well as, , apart from this, and then, too, not only…but, what’s more,  besides this/that, 

顺序:firstly, initially(最初,开头), secondly, to begin with, then, next, earlier, later, after this/that, following this/that, afterwards(以后,后来), first and foremost(首要的), last but not least  

表递进:besides, furthermore(而且,此外), also, moreovermore than ever, even, on top of that…

结果:as a result, as a consequence, thus, so, therefore, consequently, it follows that, thereby, eventually, then, in that case, admittedly(公认地,明白地,确实地), inevitably(不可避免地,必然地,确定地)  

对比或转折:however, on the other hand, despite, in spite of, though, anyway, although, regardless of, but, on the contrary, otherwise, yet, instead of, rather, whereas,notwithstanding (而,却,反之,虽然,就……而言), nontheless(仍然,虽然如此,但是,相当于nevertheless, even though, even then, compared with, in contrast, alternatively(二选一地,替换地,选择地)  

肯定:obviously, certainly, plainly(清楚地), of course, undoubtly, apparently  

条件:if, unless, whether, provided that, for, so that, depending on, more often than not  

定义:is, refers to, means, that is, consists of(由……组成,包括)  

举例:for instance, one example, for example, just as, in particular(尤其,特别), such as, namely(就是), to illustrate/demonstrate  

理由:since, seeing that(因为,由于,鉴于), for fear that, that, on the grounds that(根据,在……的基础上), in that(因为), as so(只要,to以便), because, due to, owing to, the reason why, in other words, lead to, cause  

时间:before, since, as, until, meanwhile, at the moment, when, whenever, as soon as, just as, at the same time  

强调:indeed, in fact, as a matter of fact,   

重复:that is, in other words, as has been stated  

总结:in conclusion, in summary, lastly(最后,终于), finally, to sum up, to conclude, to recapitulate(扼要说明,摘要,重述要旨,概括), in short(简而言之,总之), in a word, all in al, on the whol, as a whole

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